Happy 4th Friends!~


Happy Fourth of July everyone!

I hope your Independence Day is still a great one despite the windy, rainy weather that has blown in for us!  I always try to remember when my plans for days like this have changed that it’s always about more than what I have originally planned!  It’s about sacrifices made and extremely brave individuals who fought so hard so that we could live the way we do now!

We are celebrating our Fourth over here with a few special things but most importantly we decided to have a “potty weekend”!  Yep… I know all you photographers or friends out there without kiddos are probably asking yourself what in the world IS a potty weekend and why is it so exciting?!

Let’s just say this morning we are heading straight to Target (because we totally didn’t plan on this AT ALL, but hey those are the best times for things right?!) and buying super packs of little boy undies and we will be doing the potty dance all weekend long for our amazing big boy!

In the meantime… one of my great great friends Elizabeth Friske of Elizabeth Friske Photography  is sharing our own fun Independence Day inspired family session on her blog this morning!  So head over HERE  to check us out!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the fun she created for us!  Image courtesy of Elizabeth Friske Photograpy 

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