Angie | Beautiful, Sun-filled Maternity Session


It was an amazing evening:  the sun was perfect, the weather was incredible with a slight breeze in the air and the ocean was like a perfect bath water, just enough to cool you down and leave you wanting more!

Joy Spence from Joyful Flowers crafted the most amazing floral head pieces for mother and daughter… matching and perfectly, delicately pink to celebrate the next baby girl joining the family in a few short weeks (possibly days).

BUT this was a session that almost didn’t happen!  As perfect as everything was, it almost didn’t take place and the hour leading up felt like the longest hour in the world!

The phone buzzed on my drive back from Joy’s and my breath caught as I read:  The Tunnel is closed!  We’re stuck… dead still!

My heart dropped and I lost my breath!  All I could think about was how much this session meant to everyone and how little time we had before the sun set!

I said a little prayer and stepped inside my house to check the traffic report!  I picked up the phone with a shaky hand ready to put the flowers in the freezer and make my peace when I heard “we made it… we’re moving!”  Prayers heard and answered!

I met Angie when our babes were only a few months old.  Our husbands decided to pamper us for our anniversaries and sent us to a spa day and we happened to strike up a conversation in massage chairs while getting our pedicures!  You know you’ll be great friends when you can make a connection like that and leave with a play date already scheduled!

Since then our babies have played together at least once a week and Linc would wake up asking for Hadley almost every day!

Angie is beautiful on the outside and I feel so honored to be able to capture that beauty with my camera!  I just wish that my camera could capture her beauty that shines from the inside!  Angie has a truly beautiful heart that is so filled with love for every person she meets!  I truly believe that what is in our hearts radiates through to our outside and that is what makes this gorgeous girl just glow!

I have so many favorites from this session that it’s too hard for me to narrow down!  Here are some of my most very favorite… but if you can hang out until the end click the link to see the whole gallery!

True Story:  Angie saw a snake slither through right as she was stepping by and while it totally freaked us all out a bit, she had this look like, I GOT THIS YA’LL!  Her only request was to her niece to make sure Hadley did not walk near that snake but Angie totally trooped right on through and put on her most beautiful serene, goddess face! YOU GO GIRL!

These incredible flower crowns were made by my girl Joy from Joyful Flowers!  They were so perfect and better than I could have ever dreamed!  I asked her if she could make them (last minute no less) and left the designing up to her and she created these stunning floral head pieces for both Angie and Hadley!  Not only were they so delicately wrapped and woven but they smelled intoxicating to boot!

To see all of Angie’s beautiful session check out the gallery here

A HUGE Thanks to JOYFUL CREATIONS for the amazing floral headpieces!  For inquiries about her work please contact Joy @

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