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You’ve been waiting so long to meet this precious little one who you’ve been dreaming about and wondering about for months, years, possibly even your whole life!

You’ve counted all fingers and all toes and marveled at their soft skin and delicate lashes and little perfect rosebud lips!  You want to savor each tiny detail because every single moment means change and growth and something new on the horizon!

You have your session booked with your photographer for a newborn session so you can hold on to those precious just  new and fresh moments so you can remember how tiny, how delicate and how sleepy they are!

We’ve all seen the stunning images of the baby in the basket or hanging from the tree branch!  We’ve seen the adorable outfits and then snuggly pictures all wrapped up tight and swaddled on the blankets!  We fell in love with the babies from Anne Geddes.  But what about all those real moments?  What about those first few days when you are bringing the baby home and meeting him or her?  What about when you are truly getting to know one another?

I adore Lifestyle Newborn Sessions just for this reason alone because you really get to capture what real life is like in those first few weeks as you are getting to know one another!

What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session?  It’s when a photographer comes to your house instead of having you show up at a studio.  It’s where you get to spend the time in the comfort of your own home and baby can be relaxed and comfortable with all of their own things!  The photographer captures life how it really is:  baby and family getting to know one another and soaking up all the time just loving one another and laughing and loving.  It’s about capturing the small tender moments with one another.  This type of session moves with the flow of baby!

Tuck and I decided to have one of these session when we brought Linc home!  I wanted something simple and I wanted something that would really show how incredible we felt just to be able to bring Linc home from the hospital.  Our pregnancy wasn’t easy and our birth wasn’t a walk in the park either!  We had to wait several days and have several days of testing before we could bring our son home, so that first week of just relaxing and simple being HOME was incredible meaningful to us.

Here are a few of our images from our personal lifestyle newborn session!  Images courtesy of Lauren Sanders Photography

When you are thinking about your newborn session here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to stay in your own home
  • Do you want your nursery and other areas of your home captured
  • Do you want more family pictures than just baby alone
  • Do you like the idea of baskets and props

Newborn studio sessions are amazing!  I have some of Linc as well that I absolutely adore!  But there’s also just something that pulls at my heart strings about documenting diaper changes in the nursery, or sitting in the rocking chair with your baby.  Something that makes me laugh about capturing those moments of warming up bottles or searching for paci’s.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than the first few bath’s given with love or gentle rocking off to sleep!  Part of the lifestyle sessions is about capturing that beautiful new bond you have formed… and nothing speaks of that more to me than the image I captured of Tuck and Linc the very first night we came home together!

As you prepare for your new little one’s arrival, keep in mind what you might want for your images when you come home too!  What type of session do you want because you have soo many different options now… and that is also a beautiful thing!

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