Take Better Pictures of Your kids: Embrace the Quiet


Not all images are perfect and they don’t have to be!  The point is to just have them!

DL3A9570 copy

Sometimes as a photographer, I get caught up in the technical side… this one above has noise because my ISO was high.  That’s OK though because it’s one of our most cherished images.

Embrace the quiet side of capturing your images!  Find the stillness and peace to capture the moments where your children and resting and also be at peace with how those images come out!  Don’t worry about the quality or the perfection.  Our children aren’t concerned with that so much.  They are happy to be… and so should we!

Find different angles and just let go!  The best part about digital photography is that we can click and click and click and if it’s not what we like, we can delete and move on.  We can try again!

So relax, embrace the stillness and click!



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