Don’t Touch Daddy’s Pancakes


There is one thing I can not do (among many others, but this is a sad sad thing).   It doesn’t matter how easy it is!  It doesn’t matter if it’s from scratch, in a bottle that you can shake, it doesn’t even matter if they are frozen and I am just reheating them.  I can not make pancakes!  I just can’t!  They always taste weird!

I have successfully made them once while Tuck was away… one time!  It was the shake bottle and I added Godiva chocolate chips and bananas.  They were amazing!!!!  It was a very sad fluke and a lucky night.  Linc and I were beyond ecstatic.  Since then and even before I can remember… me and pancake batter, we just aren’t friends!

Tuck:  he can make amazing pancakes and that’s been our thing on the weekends with Linc!  He makes them super fun!  He makes moose pancakes, skull pancakes, mickey pancakes, dragonfly pancakes for mommy, and all other sorts of super cool creations.  The first breakfast we had together as a family on Saturday morning:  daddy’s pancakes!

Daddy’s pancakes are soooo good, we usually make extra to keep for school mornings.  They are also soooo good that someone posted a guard apparently when we weren’t looking!

I can see where someone has been when mommy wasn’t looking!

That’s pancake love:  sacrificing your favorite Knight for a cold weather duty tour!

I also warned Tuck when he came home that his shoes would become victims of car crashes… I’m not sure he believed me until…

Oh this little ones creative shenanigans!

Sometimes I’m in a rush to pick up and clean when he goes down for his nap or for bed.. but then I see these little things and I’m quick to get my camera and click away.  I want to remember these little moments of “Linc was here” or “kid was here” mess and craziness!  I want to be reminded that my house is a house of chaos and creativity.  It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy all the time.  Sometimes in the play and chaos and mess, sometimes in between tripping and slipping on matchbox cars, I get to stumble on this little pieces of my son and his little boy world!


  1. Claudia says:

    This is hilarious, Brooke! I love that little knight guarding the pancakes! Your Linc is one smart cookie! Too sweet…

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