One of the best surprises of our lives


I’ve been absent from blogging and it’s something I don’t even feel the slightest bit bad about, even though I said my new goal starting this month was to blog every week day!

Life happens though and sometimes it’s takes you on the wildest adventures and the biggest wirlwinds that make you feel like you’ve lost several days but gained a million lifetimes.

I found out on Wednesday morning that there was a slight possibility Tuck could be sent home.  Slight in my corner of the world means usually never but that doesn’t mean we don’t give up hope or stop thinking positively.  I found out right before I had to teach my body flow class and to say I was a bit distracted is an understatement!  I waited by the phone pretty much all morning until I got the very vague text that said “I’m being sent home sometime soon”.

What does soon mean?!  Like this week?  Next week?  This month?!!!!

It was a ridiculous scramble!  I was shaking like a leaf that whole day and the following the day!  Could this really be happening?!  I wanted to get everything perfect… I wanted the house to be spotless.  I wanted the fridge to be full of all the comfort food Tuck loves and I wanted Linc to be prepped and ready!

What I soon realized though (quickly) is that even if I had months to prepare, it wouldn’t have worked out the way I saw it in my head.  I have a toddler and I live in toddler world of chaos and crash… and I love it.  The floor is usually covered in toys whenever there is light anywhere in the sky!  If it’s not covered in toys, it’s going to be covered in some kind of crumbs somewhere.  There are usually knights and pirates and lego’s of death lurking around the corners or window sills or in the shoes that pile in the doorway.  My computer screen is covered in finger prints and smudgy lip kisses just like the windows are smudged with hand prints or milk dribbles.  Our laundry is a disaster or clean clothes piled in baskets and dirty clothes spilling out of the washing machine begging to be run.  THIS is our life now because our life has an almost 2 year old running around (sometimes pant-less wtih a fedora).  And I was reminded that Tuck isn’t going to be happy coming home to a clean, spotless house… he’s going to be happy to come home to the chaos, to the clutter, to US!

So Friday morning when I slipped in to Linc’s room after he spent a few minutes chatting it up with Wink, I told him about a very special surprise waiting downstairs.  I had him peek around the corner and through the stairs at the big black bags sitting on the landing below.  He looked at me with a bit of confusion as I asked him if those were daddy’s bags!  We cautiously walked down the stairs and were greeted by big hugs and big kisses and shy smiles!

The rest I can’t quite remember because my heart was just too full!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope you enjoy this day and are spending it with family and loved ones!  Please say a prayer and spend some time thinking about the meaning behind this day and all those who sacrificed so much for the rest of us!  We sometimes lose ourselves in our lives and the fun of summertime weather and BBQ’s and a nice time rest and relax from our hectic work lives!  Take a moment to remember those who gave up their lives, those who sacrificed some much:  their families, their loved ones and say a silent thank you!



  1. Ashley Swistak says:

    Total goose bump chills for you. Unbelievably happy for you all!!!! What a blessing!

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