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I am blessed to have some truly amazing friends, like really beyond normal amazing friends!  Not only are they amazing on the friendship scale but they are amazingly beautiful inside and outside!

I’ve known this momma since we were like 5 years old making our own mud pies and climbing trees and peeking over at the neighbors!  Funny thing is our other best friend was the neighbor so we would always peek over and yell at her to come out and play!  She is also a momma and hopefully I will be sharing a session with her soon too… but I digress!

When you’ve known someone for 27 years (WOWZERS) you know them inside and out… you know their heart and their soul!  It’s more than a marriage, it’s family!  You’ve been with them at their best times and you’ve celebrate them!  You’ve seen them at their worst times and you’ve held their hand!  You’ve seen how incredible they are, how far they have grown and you truly have an appreciation for everything that they are!  It’s more than love… it’s an unconditional appreciation and acceptance that they are another part of your heart!

I can not even begin to describe what I see when I look at my friend now that she is a mother!  She was meant and made to be a mother!  She’s always been beautiful and she has always been a person that just radiates light and love, but the day she had Jackson and he made her a mother… she became something different!  She became a peaceful and quiet kind of stunning!  The kind of beauty that takes your breath away.  The kind that when she steps into a room you just feel a sense of calm and happiness!

Jackson is just the happiest baby I have ever met!  He just melts my heart!  He is so laid back and so gentle!  He is going to be the kind of person people gravitate to!  Right now he loves to growl which is just the most amazing thing ever!  He smiles and gurgles and growls and people that are anywhere in the near vicinity can not help but come over and tickle him or play with him or say hello!  His laugh is infectious!

The two of them together are a wonderful combination!  My friend is amazing with him and there is no doubt in my mind that Jackson is so happy and content to just be because of the way she is raising him!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day she is having, what kind of craziness is on the horizon or what she has faced at work (she is kind of a big deal at CHKD), when it comes to Jackson the world just stops and there is nothing but her sweet soothing voice and songs and kisses!

Our little mini session was filled with hugs and “love you a bushel and peck!”.  We were on our way to dinner when I begged them to let me throw them in the middle of this beautiful buttercup filled field!  It took 20 minutes…. short and sweet!  I hope the result is something she will cherish forever.. these moments when her little man cub is still little and content to stay put!  These moments where he is captivated by her and his big beautiful brown eyes seek nothing but her own!  All too soon he will be off exploring and taking in the world… it will be an exciting time and another wonderful phase to capture and to cherish!  But for right now… right at this moment, she can hang on to this time of cooing and growling and bouncing and laughing!

Here are some of my favorites!


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