My Sweet Little Sunshine Moccs | Virginia Beach Product Photographer


Nikki is incredible!  She’s a mother of two, a police officer, a photographer and the owner and creator of this amazing new company MY LITTLE SUNSHINE MOCCS!  

When we first started chatting about getting some photos done of her incredible moccasins, I was blown away by her!  She is seriously one amazing woman and her moccasins are FANTASTIC!  She makes them each by hand in the evenings after her babes go down to bed in between her feedings!  She is super woman!

Nikki loved the idea of moccs for her babes!  They are the perfect little shoe for our little people!  They stay on their feet and offer just the right amount of comfort, cuteness and style and support!  What she didn’t love was the price at which they were being offered!  So she decided to look into them herself and create her own for her babes:  once her friends and family got wind of what she was creating, the requests came flying in!  Now this amazing local momma is opening up her own etsy shop and creating the most fun little moccs at the best price!

I just love Nikki and I am so honored to be able to capture her moccs for her!  She has inspired me in ways that I can even begin to say it!  She understands work/life balance in a way that I can’t even begin to dream about and she has inspired me and motivated me to really go after what I want!  I feel blessed to have met her!  Her moccs are seriously AMAZING and if you have ever even thought about buying a pair for your little one check hers out!

She offers anything from leather to suede in any color you could want!  She even offers two toned colors which I have to say are my favorite!  Check out some of my favorites from our shoot below and be sure to take a look at her Etsy shop coming soon!


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