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One question I get asked a lot from other photographers just starting out is where they can find good resources to learn some solid technical information!

There are TONS of great resources out there… and a million places to find them depending on where you want to look and how you learn.  That’s probably the most important thing to know… how you learn.  There are videos on the web if you are a visual learner, there are blogs if you are a blog reader!  

I am a book reader!  An OLD SCHOOL book reader; and by that I mean I read my books with my high lighter in hand, notebook by the bed, pen in my teeth and glasses usually pushed so far into the bridge of my nose it leaves a bruise!

Here are some of my favorite and still to this day go to resources!

  • Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Set:  These are by far not fun reading.  There are really technical and while he is funny.. it’s a manual!  My pages are bent and dog eared.  They have writing all over the sides of the pages and are pretty much colored in different highlighter (there is maybe two words on each page that aren’t colored over).  I believe in ALL of his stuff and A LOT of his manuals and books.  This set is an easier to read set of 4 books and are great if you are just starting out.
  • EXPOSED:  This is Jasmine Star’s magazine/book that she put out.  When I first started I religiously read her blog every morning!  She is so inspiring and open and honest!  In her Exposed she shares so many helpful and empowering tips that I feel every photographer can benefit from.  She is a wedding photographer so it is primarily focused on weddings and couples but I find it helpful for my children and families as well!  As a new photographer, reading this helped me build confidence.  Now, I find myself reading this when I’m facing a situation where I need some inspiration, or a little boost, or a little kick in the pants!
  • Digital Camera Magazine:  This is a magazine my dad subscribes to and he always saves the issues for me when he is finished!  This has everything from camera tips and information, lighting, editing tips, and even top gear ratings!  I love to go through and see all the images and what’s going on with the photography world!  I find lots of inspiration and new perspectives on things just by flipping through this.  This magazine also helps to remind me that my photography is MY ART!  I have the ability to create and be free without fitting into a mold or someone else’s idea of what my images should look like!  There is beauty in what I see and my clients choose me based on how I view the world!
  • Chase Jarvis Blog:  He’s amazing.. enough said.  Just go there!
  • Katelyn James Blog: Since we are talking blogs… Katelyn James blog is extremely helpful for photographers.  She writes about everything from editing to work flow and organization!  Plus she’s kind of awesome!

These are just a few of the resources out there!  Go searching and you can find whatever it is that you are looking for!  This is such a fun and exciting world!  There are endless ways to show who you are and what you see… but the best way to do that is to learn how to work the camera the best technical way you can!  So start reading or watching or catching up on your blogs!

Happy searching!


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