Show it Plus sites and a reached goal!


When I sat down with Katelyn James for my mentoring session, I felt inspired and over whelmed!  I came home with all these goals and upgrades for my business!  I just wasn’t sure how I was going to accomplish them, or get to them!  

But I’m so excited because I have slowly and steadily been crossing the goals and the business upgrades off the list.

The biggest tackle I’ve had so far is the Show it Plus sites!  They are AMAZING for clients and it was something I wanted to master before the year mark of my coaching session was up!

What is a Show it Plus site?!

Let’s first talk about Show it.  Show-it is the website I use and it’s pretty darn amazing itself!  In a pretty simple explanation:  it allows you to create your own website without ever having to use or having to know a code!  GENIUS (and life saving).  I am awful with computers but show-it has made the whole website process fun and exciting.  I love getting on and changing and updating.  In fact, I loved designing my website because show-it makes it THAT easy to understand!

Now a Plus site is a bonus website you can create through you own website for a client!  Seriously my friends it’s crazy good stuff!  If your a wedding photographer this is a HUGE deal!  You can create a wedding website for you own clients… BOOM!  For me this was a bit trickier since most of my clients are children and family!

Either way a Plus Site allows your clients to have access to all their photos from every session from you for a full year~!  It’s a one click space for all their friends and families to access their gorgeous PASS galleries and to add a little personality and flare as well!

Enter Krystin and Vince! They are having one of the biggest years of their lives right now!  They are getting married, having a baby and starting their family!  Plus they are two (now three) of the coolest people I have ever met!

They were a perfect fit for a plus site!  I’ve been working on their plus site for a few months now.  I wanted to get it just right!  It was a bit trickier than the initial website but after a few hiccups I got it the way I wanted including their own wedding colors!

Sometimes I’m a little slow on the business side of things and it’s something I really need to work on!

But when I do eventually get there (and usually I do) I like to do it to the best of my ability!

So even though a plus site might really be suited for wedding clients… I think they work amazing for my children and family clients!  A year is a BIG time for children and families.  It’s holds a lot of growth and changes.  It contains a lot of memories and stories and folds in the dynamic of their time spent here.

I believe that family should have a space where everyone they have shared those moments with… everyone they have opened their heart too can access that year!


It’s a pretty cool thing!

Congratulations again to Krystin and Vince and thank you for always letting me share your gorgeous faces! xoxox



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