Favorites from 2013- Children and Family


Happy New Years friends, and welcome to 2014!  This new year has lots in store for the business as well as our family! I’m excited to see where this new year takes us all!  It will be a year (I think) that marks courage!  A year that marks lots of love and most of all a year of FUN!

Every Jan 1. I do a year in review of my favorite images!  These are in no particular order and it’s just a fun way for me to see how far another year has brought me in my growth!

So here it is… my favorites from 2013 in children and family!

Thank you to all my amazing families who let me share a part of your lives this year!  You have blessed me more than I could ever say!

Check back later in the week for my favorites from my couples and weddings!



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