Brooke & Brad | A Virginia Beach Couples Session


I met Brooke my first week working at the Children’s Hospital!  I think it’s fair to say she was probably one of my first friends which was amazing because she was also one of the first and only other Brooke’s I had ever met!  What made it even more amazing and confusing for other’s is that she was also a Brooke M. and we had similar hand writing… so of course we had to become great friends!

Brooke helped me find my own at that hospital.  She helped me gain confidence stating my opinion with some of the more serious doctors.  She helped me find my first apartment (which happened to be down the street from her house!)  She helped me learn to cook (sorry Brooke but I still can’t bake).  She helped me realize a love for Cadburry eggs I never knew I was missing all these years.  And she stood by me on the day of my wedding, helped me get into my dress and danced with me as I married the man of my dreams!

Over the years I helped her with a few things as well but it wasn’t until this session this past Friday night that I really felt like I was able to give her something unique!  Brooke has been through the ringer the past 3 years and while I won’t go into detail, it’s been a whirl wind of years that could turn a person into a stranger.  But not for Brooke.  She’s taken these 3 years and instead used them as an opportunity for soul searching, growth and finding Brad.

They met in middle school.  YES middle school, and re-connected this past year!  They started chatting and I’m sure joking around with one another (because all they do is joke and laugh and play). As the story goes, one thing led to another and Brad finally asked Brooke out after all these years!

Brad makes Brooke smile like I have never seen in all our years of friendship!  It truly warms my heart and my soul.  I got in my car on Friday night after our session and my eyes were welling with the happiest of tears for my dear friend.  After all these years she has finally found someone who completely lifts her up spirit and soul!

I felt so blessed to be able to meet Brad, and to be able to capture some of their fun and playfulness on camera for them to have and keep!  It was finally something I could do for Brooke that was unique and special.  Something I could do for her after all she has done for me.

Brooke:  I am so happy for the two of you!

Their session was in honor of a big celebration in Brooke’s life and it was indeed a feeling of relief and celebration!

Check out how much fun these two had!  Its’ like they had a secret, and no doubt I’m sure they did that night!

  1. Brooke says:

    We are truly blessed to have you capture it!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!! Who knew it would take the man 25 years to ask me out!! Thank you for being a true and dear friend and standing by me through my dark years!!

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