We should have known!  He got the hang of the trick or treat candy receive a little too quickly!

It only took one house and he was sprinting down the street as fast as his little toddler legs could carry him, thrusting his orange pumpkin bucket into the neighbors treat baskets.  His smile was perfect, some might even say adorable.  His crown was perfectly placed and he dared not touch it;  nor the whiskers that were carefully drawn with love on his nose and cheeks!

He knew… it was his night!

20 minutes of sheer cuteness in all his wild thing glory!  He was absolutely the king, he and Wink, together of all the wild and crazies.

And then…. it happened.  We found them, together, elbow deep in the orange pumpkin of candy heaven.  There’s no sense in hiding it.  There’s no shame here!

It was a full candy binge and it was a sight to see!  “He gnashed his terrible teeth…”  and laughed his beautiful little laugh and was caught mid Twizzler!  But I think it was worth it 😉




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