52 Portraits-Week 2 (just keep swimming)


It’s like Dory says… “just keep swimming… just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…”

We’ve been doing a LOT of swimming this past week.  Thank goodness our little man is part fish I think and loves to swim.  Because you see when he isn’t in the pool, he’s screaming to go outside and he’s been a real crank monster!  I think he is teething AND possibly hitting a growth spurt;  but let me tell you,  this week hasn’t been easy!

He’s decided he doesn’t want to nap anymore… at all!  It’s not just his morning nap… it’s all naps (as I type a single tear drips down my cheek!).  I’m praying it’s just a phase that maybe has to do with the teeth or the spurt.  I’m begging that it will pass.  Will you please say a little prayer for me that it is a phase that’s on it’s way out the door?!

But until then, I just keep repeating the wise words of Dory and we just keep on swimming;  both literally and figuratively!

Little man is happiest when he’s in the pool these days and I’m happy to have caught a few moments of his splashing, curious, I just went under water happy moments!

These remind me that just as Dory says… rough days too will pass but these precious moments (good and bad) happen just so quickly!  It’s nice to have a constant reminder now of go grab that camera!

And…. breathe and keep on swimming!

OH and p.s. the winner of the this guy needs a name contest…. random selection is (drum roll please)

Jackson’s Aunt:  CHEWbacca!  I will be sending you an e mail so I can send you your starbucks gift card!!! YEYAH! Congratulations!

  1. Grady Mathias says:

    Linc a Linc a do! I want to win too!

    Great blog and photos! He is growing so fast!

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