Tough, Strong and Fun! (crossfit oceana)


Every once in a while I get to step out and do a really cool and really different shoot!

The other night, I went down to Crossfit Oceana to get some head shots of the trainers and they were nice enough to humour me and show off some of their incredible athletic abilities!

If you’ve never done crossfit before, it’s pretty intense and I’m not just talking physically.  It makes you challenge your own thought process and say to yourself, I really can do that if I work hard enough!  You leave yourself completely on that gym floor…. a little blood, sweat, tears and most of all a little piece of doubt or weakness gets left on that floor too (for good).

The trainers at Oceana are a BLAST!  They are so much fun and so encouraging!

Crossfit oceana is more than just a gym or even a community.  It’s a family there full of love and support, jokes and teases, acceptance and honesty!

If you walk in…. you will find that you are drawn to continue walking in again and again and again!


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