This is such a special and personal post (and session) for me!

I’ve known Colleen for about 25 years now or something like that… doesn’t that just sound crazy?!

When you’ve known someone that long the counting becomes a bit fuzzy.  It’s just easier to say that I’ve known her almost my whole life.

We’ve been through ups and down and seen each other at our best and at our worst.  We’ve been through all of life’s big moments and growth spurts together and honestly there isn’t anything we haven’t shared or been a part of together!

Over the years our relationship developed from friends to more like sisters.  A relationship that is so close and so comfortable that it doesn’t know anything other than love and acceptance.

So when we found out she was pregnant, I was probably more excited for her than even she was!

When you met Colleen, you are just immediately at ease!  She is fun and bubbly and comfortable (like you’ve known her as long as I have!)

Kimo has an infectious personality!  He is a riot… sometimes without even meaning to be!  And the two of them together is just a mix of magic, love and crazy!

They  both have such a nurturing and loving nature about them.  They always put friends and family first going to extreme lengths sometimes in order to take care of those they love!

They are both going to be such incredible parents and I can’t wait to see them with baby Jackson in October.

We set out for a quiet little photo shoot on a pretty hot night!  I was so worried about the mugginess and the heat that I even brought a battery powered fan for Colleen!  Luckily we didn’t need it at all because the weather was beyond gorgeous.  We had a slightly cool breeze that came off the water and surprisingly our location was left almost all to ourselves!

Here are some of my favorites from the evening:

Hello beautiful! This is my favorite picture of the night, hands down!

You know how someone women are just meant to be pregnant?!  Colleen is just gorgeous!  She is just the perfect picture of all the glow and love you feel!

Baby Jackson is one extremely lucky boy to have two amazing individuals as parents!  He is already so loved and so nurtured and so protected!

We can’t wait to meet you Baby Jackson and I can’t wait to see how you change and grow and make an impact on everyone who loves you so much already!


  1. Colleen Grose says:

    Brooke, words cannot describe how I feel. To have such a close friend capture this special time in our lives is beyond amazing. To have a you capture these moments is emotional, to say the least, because of our past. You are truly like a sister to me and with that comfort comes a unique expression of your creativity and Kimo’s and my love for each other and Jackson. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for these beautiful and heart felt words. We are so thankful for these beautiful images that will last a lifetime. Love you!

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