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Oh ya’ll, I know some of you loathe the little friend of Santa’s that flies around the house bringing creativity and mischief, but I LOVE him!  When I was growing up, my brother and I had elves and this was way before the shelf one made an appearance.  My mom was just cool like that.  […]

That time the E.L.F. lasted about 5 days before high tailing it home


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Happy Monday mamas!  As I sit here on Sunday night (yes.. for real I am blogging on a Sunday night and I consider that a big win in my book) I realize that the weekends fly by us all too fast , especially with little ones!  It’s a little crazy and a little sad which […]

Motherhood Mondays | What Are You Most Thankful For This Holiday Season

Real Is Better Than Perfect Series

Motherhood Mondays | What are you most thankful for during the holiday season

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This month begins the busy season for Family Portraits and Holiday Cards! It’s one of my favorite times of the year! But it’s soo hard too because I get so excited with all these amazing sessions except I can’t share them right away!  I have to save them and hold onto them like a big giant holiday […]

The W Family| Virginia Beach Family Photographer