I believe great family images (the kind that last the test of time) come from a relationship which is why I provide an experience!  An experience that last a lifetime!
I've been there for births and loose teeth and graduations. Time doesn't stop... but we can at least document!

I believe in doing more than just showing up and taking your photos...

My goal is to make this process as easy as possible!
First, send me a message with the details about what session you might be interested in so we can chat!
Together we will pick the session that is perfect for your family and your budget!
We will go over all the details and I can answer any questions you might have.  I will make sure you are well taken care of!  I got you!

   simply book a call or send an e-mail me to get started!

Schedule a Call!

Prep for Your Shoot

I will get to know all about your family and what makes you unique and special!  I will send you a specialized style guide based on what you already have in your closet and what you like for each individual member of your family to help you feel your best!
When you feel comfortable and confident that shows in your images!
When you know what to expect and are read and relaxed, everyone can have a wonderful time just being present with each other! 

I'll send you "all-the-things" for your big day - location ideas, outfit inspo, you name it!

the Big Day

This is what we've been talking about all this time!  This is the time where I want you to just breathe!  All you have to do is just show up and BE with your family.  Our session is  where we get to freeze those moments that are so precious to you right now.  The best way we can do that is for you to just be and play and cuddle and laugh! 
I will provide the games and entertainment... you just need to show up! 

the day has arrived and it's time to get those amazing photos you've been dreaming of!

Gallery Delivery

After our session, the editing process usually takes about 2-3 weeks.  I take great time and care and give all my attention to each and every image to make them perfect for you. 

I know you are dying to see those photos and it'll be worth the wait!

Boutique Prints & Albums

Our beautiful moments need to be held and displayed and placed somewhere so we can re-visit them anytime we want!  We don't want to let them sit inside our computer in some file somewhere!  This is why I offer simple and easy a la carte options for beautiful prints, framing and albums!  You can choose from beautiful handcrafted albums to display on your table or you can choose beautifully framed prints to display on your wall!  
Whatever you have in mind, we can take these images and create something beautiful together!

Want to get your favorites printed to display in your home? I got you, mama!






About My Process

the process

A simple session can be for a family, one child, your children or better yet you and your babies together!
This session is all about capturing your moments as they are: real and beautiful and magical!  We capture your love, your connection and what is special right now about your family in this exact moment!

 - Classical family session
  - milestone moments
  -  sibling sessions
  -mommy & me
   - seniors


ideally for:


simple Session

Your Investment

This is a completely unique one of a kind session that is specific to you and your family!  This lifestyle session takes place at your family's favorite place!  That can be anywhere!  Maybe it's making pancakes in your kitchen on Sunday mornings!  Maybe it's on a boat in the bay!  Maybe it's at the zoo or the park or the pool!  Wherever YOUR happy place is, this is where we want to be!
   -unique one of a kind session
  -family session
  - lifestyle focused images
  -family who wants real life authentic images

ideally for:


happy place Session

Do you have a dreamer with a big imagination?  Do you have a little one who absolutely LOVES something and has a big imagination?  Then this is the session for you!
We will completely immerse ourselves in the imagination of your little one and bring their dreams to life!  
Together, you and I will create a custom fantasy concept that is unique to your child that is all about their dreams and loves.  These sessions are best for children age 3+  and requires lots of communication!

-one child only
- age 3+

ideally for:


All About Me Session

Sessions typically start two hours before the sun sets and lasts until the sun goes down or until your family gets tired of playing all my crazy games!

 I will start to check the weather the week of our session.  If it looks like we will have uncooperative weather, I will contact you and schedule a rain-out date.  I will give you 2-3 different dates to choose from and I try to make them as close to the same day of the week if I can!

We will have lots of e mails and chats to find out what your goals are for your session and your images.  Once I find out what your vision is, we will work together to find the perfect location to make sure we get exactly what you want!

A few times a year I offer limited edition sessions or mini sessions.  These are usually offered in the fall and again in the spring/summer.  

I offer sunrise sessions as well on limited days!

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I'm a mama too!  Let me help you!

Let's get you scheduled and make a plan to capture these amazing moments in your life.

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